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Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine structure features

With the development of corn sheller equipment, there is more and more shelling equipment on the market. Different types of equipment have different structural characteristics. How much do you know about the structural characteristics of Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine? Let me introduce you today.
The corn/corn sheller and thresher is a small electric threshing and sorting machine for single-plant, single-ear threshing of rice, wheat, soybean and other grains by farmers and small processing plants. The machine can thresh and clean the grain and separate it. It can easily open the cover and check the residue, without cleaning the dead angle, completely ensuring no mixing. The machine has the advantages of convenient threshing, small loss, easy cleaning, and light moving. The surface of the machine is treated by integral spray treatment, which has strong corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements of degranulation of individual plants.
At present, it has been applied in agricultural research institutes in more than ten provinces and cities nationwide. The design is advanced, compact, and uses high-quality structural steel. It adopts axial-flow drum threshing technology and adjustable air volume cleaning technology to clear and separate grain, gluten, gluten, and cereal grass. The advantage of high removal rate is a good helper for farmers to thresh.


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