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How to install and maintain color steel roofing

Mastering the scientific installation and maintenance methods can effectively extend the service life of color steel plates for more than 10 years, which not only reduces the use cost of the plant but also maintains a good corporate image. China prepainted color galvanized coil factory tell you that the specific four aspects should be used:

1. During the processing and installation of color coils, it is found that the coating is damaged (when it is not rusted), and it should be repaired in time. When the paint is replenished, the same color steel coil refinishes paint can be brushed or sprayed, and the repair paint is matched to prevent rust and corrosion caused by the damage of the coating. After the installation is completed, use a dry rag or another soft tool to clean off the iron filings attached to the surface of the color steel plate by the cutting saw and the electric drill to prevent the occurrence of floating rust.

2, roof tile, China prepainted color galvanized coil factory recommend that users check and maintain once a year. Iron filings, copper scraps, industrial dust, metal particles, water accumulation, and other long-term residual roof tiles, easy to accelerate coating corrosion, if found, the user should promptly organize cleaning, cleaning, removal. If the coating is found to have rust spots, it needs to be sanded. Before the touch-up, you must remove the grinding powder and rust spots. Apply anti-rust primer in a clean and dry state, and then apply a special repair finish for steel coil of a certain thickness.

3. In order to prevent long-term residence of roof corrosion, the user can use the cleaning method to maintain the roof panel. In the seaside and industrially contaminated areas, the maintenance period should be shortened. Maintenance by cleaning method, do not use decontamination powder or industrial detergent (which will damage the coating) and can be determined after a small area experiment with household detergent.

4. After the color coated plate is used for a certain period of time, due to factors such as sunshine, rain, oxidation, etc., the coating is inevitably degraded by powdering. In order to maintain the structural life of the building, repainting and repainting is a good choice. When the powdered surface of the color coated board turns gray, it is the best time for recoating. Recoating should be carried out as much as possible during the drying period with less moisture.

Well, the above are some tips for the scientific installation and maintenance of color steel roofing. Have you mastered it?


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