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Newly designed new type 125 rice and wheat thresher widely used

In order to meet the user’s demand for equipment, Aike specializes in the production of new rice and wheat thresher equipment, the Newly Designed Model 125 Large Rice and Wheat Thresher, which has been well received by users at home and abroad since entering the market, because the equipment is not only The production efficiency is high, and the operation is very simple. Next, Aike will come to introduce the device for everyone.
This product is a small electric threshing and sorting machine for single-plant, single-ear threshing of rice, wheat, soybean, and other grains when used. The machine can thresh and clean and separate the grains of 1-6 ears. It can easily open the cover and check the residue, without cleaning the dead angle, completely ensuring no mixing. The machine has the advantages of convenient threshing, small loss, easy cleaning, and light moving. The surface of the machine is treated by integral spray treatment, which has strong corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements for degranulation of individual plants. It has been widely used in the market. usage of,
The 125 types of rice and wheat thresher are designed with advanced design and compact structure and high-quality structural steel. The machine adopts axial flow drum threshing technology and adjustable air volume cleaning technology to clear and separate grain, gluten, gluten, and cereal grass. It has the advantages of separation, small loss, and high removal rate. A good helper. It is believed that with the development and improvement of technology, the device will be used by more users in the market in the future.


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