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Improvement of the percentage of opening of the ball mills

When reforming the Grinding Mill Grinding Roller Feed Control, the shape and area of the lining board remain unchanged, change the strip opening size on the lining board from 18mm to 22mm to ensure the throughput of the ball mills. Of course, the reform of the percentage of opening should ensure the load and ore grinding effect of the second-stage grinding, otherwise, it may influence the flotation separation index.

Improvement of the gradation of the steel balls

The production capacity of ball Domestic Vertical Roller Mill is not only related to the structure of the mill itself, but to the property of the ores and the operation conditions. Among them, the operation conditions include the working conditions and the gradation of the grinding balls. High gradation of the ores, steel balls and lining board of the ball mill can improve the ore grinding efficiency. In the meantime, the texture of the steel balls will also influence the ore grinding efficiency. The influence of the property of the ores can be measured through the grindability of the ores. However, on the premise that other parameters are determined, the gradation of the steel balls and the filling ratio of the grinding mill will have direct influence on the efficiency of ore grinding. Reasonable gradation of steel balls will have great improving effect on the ore grinding efficiency.

The above-mentioned technical improvement can extend the service life of the lining board of ball mills, increase the throughput of the first-stage grinding process, improve the processing capacity of the ore beneficiation plant and balance the second-stage grinding load. High speed mill speed of 500 to 1500 rpm, and mainly by the high speed rotor mill shell. In the collision impact fan mill and coal -speed rotor mill shell, is a professional Coal Milling Equipment Manufacturer mutual influence between the ground and coal. Shanghai . China Coal Crusher Machine and coal separator to form a whole, simple and compact structure, the initial investment, especially for high- moisture lignite and high volatile bituminous coal grinding mill easily. Due to wear big fan mill, continuous operating time is shorter than the other mill, is not suitable for grinding hard coal. We have impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, sand making machine.

Coal machine medium speed mill

Pulverizers speed of 50 to 300 rpm, more species. Their common feature is the relative movement of the abrasive ingredients in both groups. The coal is crushed squeezed two milling surface, between the ground. At the same time, hot air drying of the upper coal and coal to the coal mill grinding zone of the separator. After separation, coal and gas with a certain scale coal mill, coarse particles back to the mill district regrinding.

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