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Descaling method for galvanized steel coil

The characteristics of galvalume steel coils are that they are used for a long time and are not easy to rust. In the process of production, it is necessary to remove the spots. This is also an important task. What is its de-spotting technology? The GI steel coil with spangles manufacturer will introduce it.

Spot removers If using mechanical or chemical way to remove the oxide scale occurred in the appearance of galvalume steel coil processing process, a large coil surface quality depends on spot removers role. The annealing and spot removing equipment work alone, that is, the spotting method of spraying high-pressure water and iron sand, and the experiment indicates that it can be used in the cold rolling workshop to remove the outer surface of the steel coil. The principle is to use 10MPa high-pressure water, followed by the skill progress, and now the two have been organically linked together to become an annealing + despeckling unit.

In the case of acetic acid, austenitic hot sale galvanized steel coil containing molybdenum or molybdenum and copper should be used. The removal of pure acetic acid is weak, and usually, no partial corrosion occurs. However, in the practice of production, storage and operation, due to the presence of impurities such as Cl- and formic acid, it can lead to accelerated corrosion, which is sensitive to pitting corrosion, and the corrosion of acetic acid temperature and concentration will increase the corrosion. Explain the application of the medium in practice when using the corrosion material data obtained from the laboratory.

Therefore, the de-spotting technology for galvalume steel coils is a step performed in each manufacturing process and is also required in the maintenance process, so that its quality can be improved, and its service life can be extended as well.

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