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Self-propelled Factory Wholesale Multi-function Crop Harvester Reaper Binder operation novice to understand matters

In recent years, crop harvesters have been favored by farmers and friends because of their full functions, low price, and easy operation. As we all know, mechanical equipment, its long service life, failure rate, safety, and reliability, in addition to the manufacturing quality of the machine itself, has a lot to do with the use and maintenance of the machine. How can we use crop harvesters scientifically and rationally? Next, Aike takes you to understand some things that the novice Self-propelled Factory Wholesale Multi-function Crop Harvester Reaper Binder should pay attention to:
1. Machine operators must undergo formal training from manufacturers, distributors or relevant departments before they are employed. If the working principle and operation requirements of the crop harvester are unclear, it is difficult to use the harvester. Therefore, before the machine is used, it is necessary to participate in the operation training of the combine harvester and obtain a driver’s license.
2. Be sure to read the product manual carefully before use. Because the structure of the crop harvester is complicated, although the quality of the machine is very good, if it is not used to understand the internal structure and the method of use, it can be used casually according to the experience. If the operation is not carried out according to the instructions, the machine is prone to failures that should not occur.
3. Because the harvested crop conditions vary widely, in the process of using the combine harvester, the relevant mechanisms of the machine should be adjusted in time to ensure the working performance of the combine harvester.
4. The safety protection device installed on the crop harvester is set to protect the safety of the operator and its related personnel. Therefore, the machine cannot be disassembled during operation or work. If it has been disassembled during maintenance, the machine must be re-run before operation or work. Installed on. In addition, when working in the machine, be sure to follow the requirements of the relevant safety warning signs to avoid accidents.
5. The combine harvester should be inspected, maintained and maintained frequently and in a timely manner. Such as checking for lack of oil, lack of water, whether there is looseness, whether there is a place to open the weld, whether there is abnormal sound, and so on. If there is any abnormality, it should be replenished, adjusted and repaired in time, and the machine should not be allowed to work, otherwise, it will be prone to major failure or damage.
6. In most cases, the structure and machine parameters of small crop harvesters are designed to be coordinated and cannot be modified or modified at will. Such as increasing engine speed, increasing the height of the grain bin, etc., this will not only ensure the performance of the machine but also accelerate the wear and damage of the machine.
These are some of the things that novices need to pay attention to when operating crop harvesters. Knowing these things can make the equipment safer to use.


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