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Like Japanese sex dolls is the future of men

In Japan, the line between reality and imagination is often quite vague. X movies are mostly comics: hentais, because they are called in this wonderful country. The virtual world inspired the Japanese to practice happiness, a mixture of styles that is the source of success for sex dolls (realistic silicone dolls).

From a ragdoll to a love doll.
If the ideal woman does not exist, then many silicone doll manufacturers are difficult to manufacture. In Japan, the first sex robots from the 1930s to the present, they have become accustomed to the habits of the sailors. In the last century, the evolution of a simple rag woman, the love doll is now very spectacular. In 2016, Love Doll is a true sexual beast, a tireless mistress, theme and 7 days / 7 and 24/24 available.

Silicone dolls are more real than life.
Today, silicone doll makers have more than 27 joints (due to metal skeletons) and real hair for their beautiful creatures. And usually the color of her eyes can be chosen to adjust the flexibility of the vagina. The best is yet to come. It is estimated that within a few years, these silicone dolls will whisper soft words and sing the rhythm of your caress. They will be able to move around and be able to remember your favorite location.

Does technical ecstasy mark the end of a traditional couple?
For many Japanese, things are clear… Love dolls are the future of men. Every man can customize his own doll according to his own needs: the size of the breast, the color of the eyes, the hair, the nails (giving the possibility offered by the online store, specializing in the sale of love dolls). Realism is extreme: dolls with almost human skin are attracted and manipulated by a disturbing realism. However, they must be able to be worn and handled: they weigh more than 25 kg. The doll will obey at least your needs and desires and will never tell you no. Study everything and make the game faithful to reality. These dolls have advantageously replaced real women and have become a large part of Japanese men.

What about Japanese?
If the doll looks more and more like a real Japanese woman, the Japanese look more and more like a doll. In all the big cities of Japan, lolitas are cute dolls, half a genius, and half a femme fatale. Their quirks are pushed to make them fit the male erotic ideal: in Japan, the more a woman looks like a doll, the better she is.

Do you need to be assured that the quality, authenticity and beauty of a mini doll silicon TPE compared to human-sized tpe dolls? Are you part of the skeptic? The video test of the mini love doll Pamela was discovered without delay.

This video is more than just a long speech, just a few minutes. If you don’t play this video, remember to prove most of you from Youtube (some images are very suggestive), you can measure all of your own realistic TPE silicon mini dolls.

Silicone TPE works with fine workmanship.
The details of the body and face of the Mini Couple doll are stunning realism. The characteristics of the face are cautious. From the first second of watching this video, the aesthetics and production skills of the mini dolls flashed past.

The silicone used to make miniature dolls in TPE is the previous generation of silicone (high quality alloy). Its natural appearance, elegance and authenticity achieve an impressive level of quality (visible on all joints, just like all forms of a beautiful doll).

Fully articulated skeleton.
To bring a more realistic impression of realism, TPE silicone wraps a fully articulated metal skeleton. Due to the previous generation skeleton, all positions of the mini doll can be considered (within human possible range).

If you want to learn more about the mini love dolls silicone adult universe, posts about the advantages and disadvantages of the mini doll TPE should arouse your interest.

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