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How to Store Color Steel Sheet

The following points should be noted in the stacking site of the hot sale color-coated corrugated roofing sheet:

1. Plate stacking should be located at a similar point on the installation point to avoid long-distance transportation, and it can be placed around the building to conform to the site inside the building.

2. The sheet should be transported to the stacking point as scheduled to avoid excessive stacking time on the construction site, resulting in irreparable damage to the board.

3. There should be a secondary processing site next to the site where the wholesale color corrugated steel sheet is stacked.

4. The stacking site should be level and not easy to be affected by foreign objects impact, pollution, wear and rain during construction and transportation.

5. Stack the plates in the order of construction. The same plate should be placed in a stack to avoid different types of laminated and overturned plates.


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