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Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale accessories descaling method

Multi-functional peanut and potato harvester equipment Everyone knows that this kind of equipment is easy to operate, quick to get started, work efficiency is very high, and the service life is also long. The equipment also has the advantages of saving labor, emergence, moisture retention, temperature increase, etc. The range is also very wide, the equipment can be easily used for farmland to spread the bottom fertilizer, and planting after the period. While we maintain and equipment in daily life, the maintenance of equipment parts cannot be ignored, then how do we remove the equipment accessories? Next, the Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale
manufacturer to introduce it to everyone.
1. Equipment scale removal method:
1. Remove scale. When removing the scale from the iron casting cylinder, etc., the hydrochloric acid having a concentration of 8% to 10% and the butyl corrosion inhibitor solution corresponding to 3% of the hydrochloric acid may be heated to 50 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius and then injected into the water jacket, and dip 2 to After 3 hours, it is discharged, and then washed with an aqueous solution containing potassium dichromate, or injected into a water jacket with a 5% aqueous solution of caustic soda, neutralized the residual acid solution, and then rinsed with water several times until it is cleaned. .
2. Remove the scale with a caustic soda solution. When removing scale with silicate as the main component, 2%~3% of caustic soda aqueous solution can be added to the cooling system, and the standby car will be discharged after 1~2 days, rinse with water, repeat this time, and finally rinse thoroughly with water. Clean the cooling system.
2. Carbon removal method:
1. Mechanical method, metal scraper, blade, and other tools can be used to remove carbon deposits. However, this method is easy to scratch the surface of the part, so the carbon deposit on the precision parts should be removed by wooden or bamboo scraper, or it can be rubbed back and forth on the cork board. After removing the carbon deposits by mechanical means, the oil must be used. Careful cleaning, this method is simple to operate, the shortcoming is that the hard-to-reach parts are not easy to clean.
2. Chemical method, immerse the parts in the prepared chemical solution, soften and loosen the carbon deposit, then take out the parts, wipe them with a brush or cotton thread, and wash them with hot water.


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