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Problem of Special Environmental PPGI sheet Selection

The C5 environment is the most demanding corrosive environment, referring to high humidity and corrosive industrial areas, high salinity beach areas, such as pickling workshops, electroplating workshops, paper workshops, tanneries, dye houses, etc. How to buy PPGI corrugated roofing sheet in these environments?

The pickling workshop has a strong corrosive chloride ion and acidic environment. The electrolytic aluminum plant has high fluoride ion, high temperature and acidic environment. The chemical paper industry contains sulfate and sulfite, etc., which are highly corrosive. The special environment of ion, high temperature and acidity has special requirements for the building materials of the workshop. Our recommendations are as follows:

1. The buildings in these buildings are highly corrosive and must be ventilated and dusted during the design of the plant to reduce corrosion. This is beneficial for the selection of any building materials for the workshop.
2. In order to resist the high corrosive environment, special coatings with high thickness and high corrosion resistance must be selected, such as three-coat or 4-coat fluorocarbon coated steel sheets with total film thickness exceeding 45 microns or 60 microns, total film thickness. Polyurethane thick coated color coated steel sheets exceeding 60 microns and 80 microns; hot-dip galvanized or hot-dip aluminum-zinc substrates with high plating weight must be selected. For example, a hot-dip galvanized substrate with a coating weight of more than 275 g/m2, a hot-dip aluminum-zinc substrate with a coating weight of more than 200 or 250 g/m2; attention must be paid to the thickness of the coating on the inner surface of the roof and the weight of the coating in contact with the internal corrosive environment. Choice, not roofing panels; attention must be paid to the protection of the steel sheet incision and the selection and protection of the connectors.


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