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What should I do if the Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400 encounters an overload?

Now that Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400 is widely used in agricultural production areas is it just to use it at the same time. Do you really know about the equipment? If the equipment is in use, what should be done? For example, when a peanut picker encounters an overload problem while working, what should I do? Today, Aike will explain this to everyone.
The peanut picker can effectively solve the picking problem when it is used, which saves us a lot of labor during the harvest. The equipment is loaded into the upper part of the rack, and the rotating shaft of the feeding barrel is equipped with a driving wheel. There is a sieve at the lower part of the cylinder, and a fan is installed at the discharge port so that the harvested product is relatively clean.
At work, if you hear an abnormal sound, you must stop the machine, check the problem in time, and don’t let the equipment work when there is a problem, especially when it is overloaded. Aike’s peanut picking machine is very popular among farmers, which greatly improves the process of agricultural mechanization in China. If the material is crushed in the high-temperature furnace when using the peanut picker, the contact area with the oxygen must be increased. Minimize the impurities on the surface of the material so that the recovery rate of the scrap can reach 90% to 96%, so as to meet the high density and large demand.
Our company’s peanut picking machine has a novel and unique structure. It has high efficiency and many functions when working. It can separate fruits, leaves and stems once and for all.
The above is the question about how to deal with the overload of the peanut picking machine 500/400. I hope that we can help you solve these problems better.


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