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Jacob & Co GHOST ROSE GOLD 300.100.14.RU.MR.4NS watch for sale

Brand: Jacob & Co
Type: Jacob & Co Ghost
Model: 300.100.14.RU.MR.4NS
Movement: Quartz
Case material: steel + rose gold
Case size: 47 x 16.20 mm
Gender: men
Dial color: Black
Bracelet: rubber
Glass: Sapphire
Quality: Japanese AAA
Clasp: Folding
Water resistance: Water Resistant
Functions: hours, minutes, date, dual time zone

audemars piguet millenary Some friends use the watch, will find the watch water vapor and water. Serious impact on viewing time! So a lot of people are asking what happens if there’s soda in the watch? The home of wrist watch comes below answer to everybody.

Watch, as a consumable, in the design of the time has been taken into account the anti-interference situation, including shock; The shockproof performance of the watch is not only refers to the collision, but also includes the acceleration of the overload and impact, which often occurs in sports and production activities. From the watch to watch the evolution of the process, not only small volume, or mainly in the accuracy and anti-interference improvement, it used the balance wheel, so you can carry; But antique watches or pocket watches are very delicate, they are not hurt, the vibration and impact of the outside world is very easy to make its escapement and balance wheel with the problem.

For this reason, after about 200 years of improvement, people tried various forms of escapement, and the modern watch is basically a lever escapement. The anchor lever escapement is representative, so it only reliable work is that it has two points :(1) the mechanism has traction, escapement gear to escapement fork fork shoe cut into an Angle, will make the escapement fork fork body close to the limit nail, and will not move; (2) with safety design, even if external force can make the escapement fork move, there is safety measure between the safety pin of the escapement fork head and the lower disc (safety plate) of the balance wheel, which will prevent the escapement fork from moving further and allow it to be reset under the action of traction torque. breitling bentley gt

The other thing is that there is also some protection between the pallet pin and the escapement fork, and if you go beyond the gap between them, you can block it, but you can’t let the escapement fork escape from its proper position. But all these insurance is not foolproof, some watches in the violent vibration impact, or to a problem, the most important and common problem, is the occurrence of reverse pendulum.

The reverse pendulum is also called the back pendulum, and these are all colloquial terms, but what they really mean is that the escapement fork got out of position and jumped to the other side; It turned out that it and the balance wheel like brothers, but in the external interference, the moment it turned on the betrayal of the balance wheel. Can make the balance wheel away from the escapement fork vibration force is the most severe (most of the force is along the dial 6~12 characters direction), the upper and lower shock absorber in the watch movement will produce radial movement, leading to a reasonable gap of the insurance is not a moment, for example. richard mille rm11-03

jacob & co astronomia Escapement fork was supposed to stay in the left side, honestly it under the action of external force, there is no constraint by insurance institutions, it is to jump right end, torsion pendulum swings back also didn’t meet, cyclotron, should have played on the inside of the escapement fork fork, fork to drive the escapement movement, but this time hit the escapement fork fork on the outside, can’t enter the fork, escapement and vibration system didn’t cooperate, this belongs to the classic infarction, watch lockout immediately doesn’t work. In the shockproof experiment, the watch is also hit with a 3KG impact hammer (the arm length of the impact hammer is 50CM), and the instantaneous impact speed can reach 4.43m/s.

This experiment is very powerful, but many shocks in life may be bigger than it. Watch back pendulum has a feature, no matter how you shake the watch, even the second hand is motionless, is a dead stop, this and the general situation of the watch is different, if it is the cause of the stopwatch, the second hand in the shaking at least two steps or before and after a swing. urwerk watches

Is it a fault that the watch occasionally stops working? As long as it comes back to normal, you can leave it alone for a while. Because have a few accidental element: if forgot to go up, forget to advance handle head after pulling a needle, or be in use process by accident vibration makes hairspring hang, or some parts are stuck wait to be able to cause stop, but can restore in time subsequently normal. “The new watch wear ten days stop twice” is not a performance problem, otherwise will stop every day. The most likely is to wear a watch movement is not enough, less arm swing, and watch power shortage.

Metal watchband wrist watch is divided into all steel and tungsten steel. Tungsten steel with high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even at 500 ℃ temperature basic remains the same, there are still very high hardness at 1000 ℃ . If it is back through the back cover of the watch, then you keep rotating the watch, watch the balance wheel, it is basically not moving, or only a small swing in one direction to stop. Repair the fault of the back of the watch is very easy to remove the pendulum splint to solve the problem, belongs to immediately take effect immediately, repair table master love to do this job. But often the back of the phenomenon of the watch, but will cause attention, it must be the escapement of the insurance gap out of the problem, should change the escapement fork or check and narrow the escapement of the points (mainly between the fork head nail and the insurance plate) insurance gap. patek philippe replica

Tungsten steel watchband watch how to maintain

1, the best place to put the watch can be placed desiccant, but avoid the use of mothballs, insect repellent and other chemicals.

2, because the raw materials do not change color, do not oxidation, so the maintenance is very simple, put the tungsten steel watchband on the palm, add some neutral detergent, add a little water, in the palm of light rub, and then rinse, and then dry with cotton cloth or paper towel, you can restore cool metallic luster.

3, in the summer before playing sports, should take off the watch. These high hardness materials are inferior to stainless steel in bending strength and impact toughness. Avoid hitting, hitting or falling on hard ground.

At present, the quality of relatively good tungsten steel watch brand radar tungsten steel watch and tianwang tungsten steel watch. Tianwang tungsten steel watch style is less, the two brands of tungsten steel watch quality is not equal, but the radar tungsten steel watch style is a lot of, the price is also tianwang tungsten steel watch, so more consumers tend to radar tungsten steel watch. http://www.watchgetluxury.com

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