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Construction organization design of color steel sheet

Due to the large area of the high quality PPGI corrugated roofing sheet enclosing structure, the long length of the single piece, the surface has been completed, and the important factors such as waterproofing, heat preservation and aesthetics, the construction should be well planned, careful construction, and the construction organization design is to ensure high quality. The important part of completing the task.

The construction organization design of the color steel sheet maintenance structure is an integral part of the engineering general organization design and is included in the overall construction organization design. Due to the particularity of the low price color corrugated steel sheet enclosing structure, the following issues should be noted when writing the construction organization design:

Requirements for the general construction plane:

1. Since the roof and wall panels are mostly long-length steel plates, the long-vehicle passages on the construction site should be prepared for the vehicle turning conditions;

2. Fully consider the stacking site of the steel plate and reduce the secondary handling, which is conducive to lifting;

3. When processing steel plates on site, the processing equipment should be placed on a flat field, which is conducive to secondary transportation and direct lifting of steel plates; when it is produced on site, it is mostly long-length plates, generally larger than 12m, and the steel plates produced should avoid steel plates as much as possible. Turn to transportation;

4. Carefully determine the starting point and construction sequence of the low cost color-coated corrugated roofing sheet installation and the number of construction teams;

5. Determine the economical and reasonable installation method, fully consider the characteristics of small steel plate weight, large length, high operation and continuous movement;

6. Leave the necessary site for secondary processing of steel sheets on site, which is an important factor to ensure the accuracy of steel plate installation and steel plate reduction in the field.


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