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How to use a towing bar

Tow bars have come in handy when other cars are stuck or broken down and need help. It can be fitted at the back of any car to help the other car that is stuck. They can also be used to tow a trailer or caravan.
Tow bar installation
Almost all tow bars companies do have an installation service. Tow bar companies like, Towbars Gold coast, Towbars Brisbane, Tow bar Benowa, Towbar Nerang offer tow bar at affordable and competitive rates which are pocket friendly. You can easily attach a tow bar to your car and you are good to go. You`ll have to be careful and cautious. Attaching a tow bar is saving you from hiring a tow truck in cases where you can afford it. This saves you some extra coin to yourself.
Here is how the installation process works; 
Find the best tow bar
Consult the owner for the manual. Increase you bought one tow bar you need to read the instructions. Remember you want to save some coin. Read the manual carefully and make sure you understand it well.
Choosing a tow bar design
You have two choices; motor home mounted bar or the car- mounted tow bar.
Purchase a tow mounting bracket ( always choose the best).
You need to attach a tow mounting bracket regardless of the tow design bar you choose. Be cautious and make sure it fits perfectly on your car and the car you will be towing.
Check the braking system carefully
You might need to invest on some kind of supplemental breaking system to avoid the braking system from failing you.
There are two types of supplemental breaking systems; electronic brakes which you attached to the controller of the towing system and surge brakes which are on their own, they are activated by momentum. Depending on the car being towed, the electrical ones are most recommended.
Have all the necessary safety equipment.
Find a good mounting area for your tow equipment.
Prepare your car for drilling and drill holes for the tow bar Have the brakes to your car secured.
You can now install the pivot breaks
Make sure the electrical system is functioning if you choose electrical brakes. Ensure they are working by wiring your correctly.
Safety chains
Attach them between your car and the car you are about to tow. Attaching only the towing machine won`t be enough that’s why you need the safety chains.
After doing everything above correctly, you are bow ready to tow your car.
However, hiring a towing company might be safer if you a doing the towing for the first time. This is because they have specialized people are best equipment to do the towing. Towing can be a lot of hard work.
Towing companies these days are a phone call a way and their services are quite impressive. Hiring a towing company also saves you the hustle. All you have to do is call and pay the stress of towing you leave it to them.

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