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Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller purchase price problem

Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller can effectively solve the problem of threshing of various grains. The machine is equipped with a feeding cylinder in the upper part of the frame. The rotating shaft of the feeding cylinder is equipped with a driving wheel. The lower part of the feeding cylinder has a sieve and the lower part of the sieve The material is equipped with a fan on the frame, a blanking adjustment separator is arranged at the lower part of the discharge port, and a vibrating screen is arranged below the vibrating screen. The bottom of the rack at the exit of the vibrating screen peanut fruit has a conveying frame, and the conveying belt on the conveying frame passes through the gear shaft. Driven by the roller. So what is the Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller purchase price?

Generally speaking, the level of mechanization of grain production in China is at a relatively low level compared with the main food crops and the developed countries. In particular, the mechanized harvesting of peanuts is still in the early stage of development, and the level is very low. Many production areas are still based on artificial harvesting. The segment harvesting has a certain application in the main producing areas, and the total harvest level is about 25%.

Commissioning and inspection must be performed before using various grain threshers. Check that the various protective measures are perfect and that the link parts of each part are tight. Turn the pulley by hand to observe the collision friction phenomenon; check the solid condition of the hobbing, whether there are open welding and missing teeth; turn the roller by hand to observe whether the rotation is stable; check whether the tension of the triangle of each rotating part is reasonable; Is the diesel engine operating well?


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