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The Development of Galvanized Coil Process

Although the history of electroplating has been more than 100 years old, it has been widely used in industrial fields, such as high quality prepainted color galvanized coil, existing galvanized steel coils, etc., which have continued to this day since the 1920s.

In electroplating history, galvanizing was one of the first coatings to be studied. Research work on electro galvanizing began in 1807 to 1827, and in 1829 some people used it on nails. In 1852, the United Kingdom issued the first patent for galvanizing, and in 1855 proposed a patent for silver plating. However, until 1915, tempering galvanizing was only in the real stage before the industry used a zinc sulfate bath. In 1921, the silver galvanizing process invented by Blum made a major breakthrough. Since then, the galvanizing process of smelting has two practical values. The composition and content range of the solution is very similar to the current standard high concentration cyanide galvanizing process.

In the 1930s and 1940s, electroplating workers conducted extensive research on galvanizing. The focus of the study was to improve the glossy appearance of the coating. Furfural, heterocyclic compounds, and sulfides are used as brighteners. In the late 1930s, a bright galvanizing process was introduced to make the galvanization of the sails more perfect and widely used in the production of structural parts. The high quality prepainted color galvanized coil has a wide range of processes, high work efficiency, good dispersion, deep coating, fine crystal structure, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance. It has occupied a dominant position in the late 1950s and is still abroad. widely used. According to reports, in the United States in 1975, the amount of sodium sulfate used for galvanizing reached 3 million pounds.

Things always have two sides. Although smelting galvanizing has the above advantages, since sodium is a dangerous drug, with the development of industry, the scale of electroplating is expanding, and oxidized electroplating sewage and exhaust gas cause serious pollution to the human body. The environment has finally caught people’s attention. In order to solve the pollution problem of Peihua electroplating, electroplating workers have conducted in-depth and extensive research on the silver-free electroplating process. The human and material resources invested are far more than any period in the past, and academic research and practical problems of solving production are closely combined. Many types of airless galvanizing processes have been proposed to facilitate the development of the entire plating process.

The history of cyanide-free galvanizing is only about 15 years old, and it has been used in industrial production since the early 1960s. According to authoritative sources, before 1964, only 3% of the world’s structural parts were galvanized, and by 1974 it had increased to 20%. It can be seen that the development speed is very fast.


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