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The Benefits of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet

Metal buildings account for almost half of the low-rise non-residential buildings, and a large number of these buildings use high quality prepainted color galvanized coil plates for roofs and wallboards. The painted steel sheet is a cost-effective and durable product.

In many applications, proper selection of paint systems (pretreatment, primer and finish) can provide galvanized steel roofs and walls with a service life of 20 years or longer. However, in order to achieve this long service life, China PPGI corrugated roofing sheet factory must also consider many other issues, including the nature of the use environment, the thickness and conditions of galvanized steel sheets, and the coating of coated coils. Process and panel design and rolling process. Construction site problems, such as storage and treatment of rolled sheets, architectural design, installation practice and on-site maintenance, also affect the service life of pre-painted metal building components.

Pre-coated galvanized steel sheets have been successfully used for decades under various climatic conditions on roofs and walls.

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