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Cutting points of color coated sheet

Trimming plates should be used whenever possible to avoid cutting the cheap color corrugated steel sheet in stock on site. If you need to cut, you can use cutting tools such as straight cuts, curved cuts, saws and hand cuts. All cutting work on the site shall not damage the coating or plating of the steel sheet and maintain a good cut edge.

The cutting edge must be sharp to reduce the burr. When cutting, first keep the surface of the low cost color-coated corrugated roofing sheet facing up, so that the generated burr is on the back of the steel plate. Do not cut on the surface of other painted boards. If power cutting or drilling is required, tape or rags should be applied around the holes and near the cuts to prevent hot marks from burning the coating. Tools such as grinding wheel, hacksaw or flame cutting should be avoided to cut and damage the steel plating and coating.

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