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Application of hot-dip galvanized sheet

The hot dip galvanized steel coil supplier to introduce the application of hot-dip galvanized sheets in automobiles. Automotive surface treatment sheets must not only have good corrosion resistance, but also must meet various performance requirements such as press formability, weldability, passivation treatment, and paintability.

In North America, the thicker plated galvanized steel sheet EG plate is mainly used; in addition to EG steel plate in Japan, more automotive plants use alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet GA plate; European automobile manufacturers use EG steel plate and GA steel plate in addition to EG steel plate and GA steel plate. In addition, the main use of non-alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet.

Recently, automobile manufacturers using high quality GI steel coil with spangles as interior parts or exterior parts have been increasing, and the demand for GI steel sheets is expanding. In the past, GI steel sheets were mainly used for building materials. Compared with steel banknotes, GI steel sheets are easy to manufacture thick-coated steel sheets, and the production cost is also low. This is the advantage of GI steel sheets.

Similarly, hot-dip galvanized strips are used more and more in the home appliance manufacturing industry. In the past, the electric hinged zinc strip has monopolized the market of the home appliance manufacturing industry, but in recent years, hot-dip galvanized strips have occupied a certain share.

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