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Portable crushing and screening plant advantages

Portable crusher plant is a new product which is convenient for construction waste crushing. According to the need of optional configuration, according to different crushing industry, “first crushing and then screening” or “first screening and then crushing” crushing, screening can also be carried out separately. Portable crusher plant can also be combined into two-stage crushing and screening system according to actual needs, or three-stage crushing and screening system, or can operate independently, flexible combination and strong adaptability.

The special crushing chamber designed by the principle of intergranular lamination in portable crusher plant and its matching rotational speed have significantly increased the crushing ratio and output, greatly increased the cube content of finished materials, made the cube high yield, advanced technology, reasonable design, stable operation and high cost performance.

1. Stable performance and advanced.
Good performance, compact structure, high screening efficiency, low consumption, low pollution, with low temperature preheating start-up settings.

2. Rationalization of structural design.
The chassis of the mobile crusher with full rigidity ship structure has high strength, low grounding specific pressure and good passability, which can be well adapted to mountain and wetland.

3. Material wear-resistant and durable use.
The use of high strength cast steel, finishing process strength is stronger, the use of high wear-resistant materials to reduce wear, the service life of vulnerable parts increased by more than 30%.

4. Easy to operate.
Advanced operating system, easy to operate, accurate control, can achieve stepless walking speed.

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