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your shoes on other occasions with an elegant formal dress gillne.com

After the wedding dress, the most difficult choice for a woman is certainly that of wedding shoes. If you get married in 2018 pink and yellow bridesmaid dresses, you’re lucky: the latest trends are beautiful and fit perfectly with every style. You can even reuse your shoes on other occasions with an elegant formal dress!
Stiletto heel

Always a symbol of femininity and seduction, the high heels have been (almost) always a constant in the world of elegant women’s shoes. For 2018, most fashion houses rely on this classic heel for the elegant bride. However, if you do not think you are comfortable or have difficulty carrying them, nothing prevents you from wearing a low or double heel, dancers or, why not, some wonderful espadrilles like those proposed by Unisa.
Colors, why not?
The total white must is now widely exceeded. Giving a pinch of color to your look is absolutely allowed in 2018: indeed, it’s a really glamorous touch! In addition to the more neutral colors such as gold, silver or antique pink, the most fashionable shades in the new bridal collections are bordeaux, navy blue and bottle green. Other very modern proposals combine strong colors with original results, such as those of the Jimmy Choo house. Combine the shoes with other accessories or the bouquet of flowers for a truly impeccable style.
The elegance of the ankle strap

In addition to providing greater stability to the foot, the ankle strap gives a special charm to the bridal sandals black & red bridesmaid dresses, especially if it leaves uncovered or almost the back of the foot. It can be of a different color than the rest of the shoe, embellished with shiny pendants or replaced by laces and ribbons: whatever the style of your dress, there is an alternative suitable for you.

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