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Wide application of China cut off disc?

The development of China cut off disc has made the product widely available. Cutting discs are mainly used in the steel industry for the cutting of steel ingots, billets, steel sheets and surface cleaning of various castings. In terms of production, it ranks first in various resin abrasives.

China cut off disc is developed on the basis of the ordinary cutting piece according to the grinding process requirements. The speed is 70-80M/S, which has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good impact resistance and bending resistance. At present, it has been developed from cutting small metal materials to cutting large-sized steel and steel plates. The specifications of grinding wheels are increasing and the output is getting bigger and bigger, second only to the grinding wheel.

Chinese cutting discs are widely used in the grinding of welds in metallurgical, chemical, shipbuilding and other mechanical processing industries, cleaning of casting burrs and metal surfaces. The product has many specifications and the speed of use is 60-80M/S. It is widely used in the grinding industry of automobiles, tractors, and bearings. Its outstanding feature is the use of surface grinding technology. It can be made into an abrasive tool such as an atmosphere, a grinding wheel or a slotted grinding wheel, which greatly improves the grinding performance of the grinding wheel.



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