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Geomembrane Selection

The choice of geomembrane is very important and often needs to consider many factors. The high quality pond liner textured hdpe geomembrane is mainly flat with the underlying layer, the material allows tensile stress, the material elastic modulus, the maximum head and the maximum coverage within the laying range. Related to particle size. 

Geomembrane selection considerations

Pond liner textured hdpe geomembrane made in china, in addition to considering the strength mainly required by water pressure, also need to consider the application conditions of exposure, embedding pressure, climate, service life, etc., and determine the design thickness according to the current national standards. And the actual thickness of the geomembrane manufacturer, in short, to select the geomembrane with uniform longitudinal and lateral deformation, high tensile strength, low elongation, strong water barrier and excellent wear resistance.

Geomembrane construction precautions

When constructing geomembrane, the way to choose two layers is to locate the area where the water resources are relatively lacking, so as to play the role of the second layer of protection. The geomembrane is in the anti-seepage system of the mining industry, especially in many extremely harsh Under the climatic conditions, only HDPE geomembrane can be used to maximize the mineral resources while protecting the soil and water environment near the mining area. Therefore, considering the company’s economic benefits, the company should also consider current ecological protection. Geomembrane highlights its advantages here.

Taian Dingkun Co., Ltd. is a well-known geotextile manufacturer in China, a geomembrane manufacturer, and a smooth pond liner hdpe geomembrane supplier.

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