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Things you Need to Know About Buying a Perfect Rug for Home

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Little details add great value and sometimes make a big difference; this is definitely true when it comes to putting a rug in your room. Weknowrugs do not add a level of specific personality and detail to your room, but they also add the specific style you need for your room to make it more enthusiastic. Whether you need a rug to spark your living room or to make your make your living room a little traditional, weknowrugs have all kind of rugs varying from style, color and size and also specific designs for each type of your room.

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At the time it gets really tough trying to balance design elements at your home most of it when trying to look at any other element to design your home which goes with your furniture. That’s why we at weknowrugs suggest you add a rug in your room to fill up that missing place in your home and create an outstanding balance of elegance.

We at weknowrugs pride ourselves in helping you select the right rug according to the design, size, color, material for your home.


Selecting the right kind of is really important, while selecting a rug for your home keep the following things in mind.


Consider The Color First

While selecting a rug, the first thing which should come in our mind is color because it is color which makes everything attractive, and it is color which makes the difference between blazing and elegant.

However, some people say that you should select the rug very first while designing a room and some take the opposite approach, though, in reality, both schools of thought are right because it all depends on the personal preference.


Material Is Always Based On The Function

While selecting the material for the rug the first think about its function, like how is it going to be used or what is the purpose of buying the rug. Will it be used as an entrance map to clean the dirt? Is it going to be used for sitting? Does it need to be comfortable? Or does it need to be elegant?

First of all, before selecting the material for the runner rug, figure out the function of the rug.


Size Plays A Big Role

After color and material, there comes the right size for the rug according to your room and your requirement. deciding size for the rug can be a difficult task. While figuring out the right size for the rug keep the following things in mind

Choosing a full room rug? When selecting a full room rug, always remember to leave a little space for the border of flooring around all the sides, of around eighteen inches.

Is it going to be used as a seating area? Always buy one size bigger after measuring the length and width of the seating area.


Furniture Placement Is Important

After everything there comes appropriate placement of the furniture. After you have bought the rug form the store think about how furniture will be arranged on the rug. How are you going to place the legs of the furniture on the rug?

Following are the three points to consider while thinking about how to place or arrange the furniture on the rug

Legs full on items like dining tables should be full on the rug.

Front legs only: objects like chair sofas only front legs should be on the rug.

Legs off: no object should be placed on narrower rugs.

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