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Geomembrane Repair Method

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When the hot sale hdpe geomembrane pond liner brings us profits, we should not forget to maintain the geomembrane, because each material has its own working limit, how to better maintain it. 

1. The patch should extend to at least thirty centimeters outside the area of the damaged geomembrane.

2. The patch material used to fill holes or fill the crack should be consistent with the geomembrane.

3. The work shoes worn by the construction personnel and the construction tools used should not damage the geomembrane.

4. All geomembranes and seams must be inspected. Defective geomembranes and stitching must be clearly marked on the geotextile and repaired.

5. For the safety of geotechnical materials, the packaging film should be opened before laying. And the geomembrane is tested for the appearance quality.


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