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the ability to create models of simple wedding dresses

The geometrically essential cuts have the ability to create models of simple wedding dresses, but which can differentiate themselves in taste and style, thanks to skirts of fluffy tulle or bodices with embroidery always refined and moderate, while knowing how to stand out. In most models Radiosa wins the white ton sur ton, with a crazy balance between creases and lightness of very simple fabrics, but combined with rich and embroidered dress parts, which give the model its character. They are timeless and classy clothes.
Shoulders: no straps or illusion?

The Radiosa collection, in all its nuances, plays with the shoulders of the brides. A very sensual area that is enhanced with corsages at heart and V-necks not too deep but certainly intrepid. Moreover, thanks to a careful play of shapes and volumes, the shoulders of the brides are also enhanced by “I can not see” effects through lace and veils.

And here is a triumph of illusion necklines designer mother of the bride dresses 2019, both with open arms, which allow you to create unexpected atmospheres on the skin of the décolleté and the back; these illusion necks come to be applied also to winter wedding dresses, where the arms are totally embellished by the design of the lace, up to the wrist. And to follow the tradition but with a touch of extreme sensuality, here is an interesting use of bridal veils. This accessory is combined with many models and some veils are even transformed into sumptuous cloaks cornflower blue bridesmaid dresses, which hide only a little behind the shoulders and give a sophisticated outfit to brides who will not be able to do without them.

Radiosa 2018 is the collection that combines tradition and femininity: clothes that perfectly describe the taste of classic and seductive women. Once you have chosen the one you like best, just choose a pair of very simple wedding shoes and very few accessories to complete it. These are clothes that can create a bridal look without too much artifice: perfect with a simple hairstyle and a natural wedding make-up. Seeing is believing!

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