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they were chosen as an alternative to wedding favors to pay

At the beginning they were chosen as an alternative to wedding favors to pay homage to the guests at the end of the wedding banquet, but today the sugared almonds are still offered, maybe inserted in bags for DIY wedding favors, or set up in a tasty tasting buffet. If you are organizing your wedding reception and you have already taken care of setting up the tables, the menu and the wedding place cards, it’s time to think about the candy!

We have collected 30 photos of the most beautiful confetti to give you some ideas to inspire you to create a beautiful buffet of confetti! Let’s see what are the details that can not miss in its preparation and which ones will make it perfect!

Buffet of sweets and confetti together

Often the doubt is: confetti or dessert buffet? Given that one does not exclude the other, in case, for reasons of budget or space, you have to choose and you can not decide between the two tastings, we suggest to combine them in a single „sweet table“. In fact, many couples opt for the Candy Bar, a corner for tasting sweets of all kinds such as sweets, lollipos, macarons, cupcakes, lollipops and … confetti! What was then the traditional candy is incorporated into the Candy Bar: a practical idea and always appreciated by everyone!

Our suggestion in this case, so that the dessert buffet is pleasant, as well as the palate to the eye, is to choose a main ingredient „protagonist“ of the table of sweets, in this case for example the confetti, which will be offered in most quantity navy blue bridesmaid dresses under 100, accompanied by „tastings and sweet snacks“ of another kind.

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