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How to Replace Lubricant of Cone Crushers

When the cone Impact Crusher Cavity Type Change comes out from the production line and is sold to customers, our company will attach a description showing how to use the machine. Here we introduce some tips on how to replace the lubricant for cone crushers. There are many types of lubricating materials used by the cone crusher. Therefore, when choosing these lubricating materials, we should consider the factors like the pressure, speed, temperature, status of the device and the structure of the lubricating device of particular components.

When the Raymond Mill Application pressure gets too high, the oil is pressed out of the bearings with dry status and high temperature. Therefore, the sticky lubricating oil is needed when the components of the cone crushers are working with huge load; vice versa. Too dry oil will cause too high temperature to the fast moving parts. When both the speed and the pressure are too high, the less sticky oil will not be squeezed from the bearings. In winter, when cone crushers work in the open air, they will need lubricating oil with little stickiness. Since the temperature gets low, the oil will freeze quickly and become too hard dramatically thus producing great resistance to the moving components.

To solve the above problem, manufacturers will usually adopt the lubricating oil with the adiabatic condensation temperature lower than the surrounding temperature. When choosing the oil category or changing the oil, we should consider the abrasion degree of the components. As high production efficiency and maintenance of the crushing machines are both important, to select right lubricating materials will play a key role to the operation of cone crushers.

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