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What are the precautions Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China?

The price of harvester binders installed in Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China. What should be noted when using them? Let me introduce you today.

 1. In the case of law enforcement personnel inspection, it is necessary to take the initiative to slow down the speed, stop by the roadside, and consciously accept the inspection. Never force the image of the small corn harvester in front of the inspectors.

2. The summer temperature is high, the driver must pay attention to rest, prohibit fatigue driving.

3. Self-assembled or out-of-the-box operators who work with the agricultural machinery department must maintain communication with each other. When waiting for the vehicles to be left behind, they should choose to drive fewer vehicles, wide sections to stop, and use triangles or bricks to cushion the tires. At night, you should also turn on the small light to show the position. Never park the machine on the bridge or under high voltage power lines.

4. You should always stop to check the tire pressure, everywhere, the tightening of the bolts, and touch the wheel with or without hands.

5. In addition to leaving two operators to take turns driving on the corn harvester, the rest of the people take the train or car to the cutting location. Never sit on a tilting conveyor or sleep on the unloading bin and the car cover to save money.



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