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The purpose of issuing coupons for offline merchants

The fundamental goal is to attract the driver (Traffic driving) and then convert it to the consumer (Conversion).
Websites require traffic, and offline merchants need people. By means of discounts and coupons, more users can be attracted to offline merchants for consumption.
If you refine it a bit, merchants attract users in this way for two purposes.
The first is to directly promote consumption. Consumers directly use discounts and coupons for consumption.
The second is for marketing purposes. Merchant discounts, coupons themselves may have exceeded the cost of the business, this time, the purpose of the business is more for marketing. I tend to categorize this as the scope of Tryvertising.
Usually the accuracy of the evaluation of this method is very low, there is no way to accurately track. The traditional approach is to measure the channel based on time and labor, and then evaluate its effectiveness. For example, during the discount period, how many users came to the store and generated consumer behavior. Then compare the same period with the undiscounted, you can see the contrast effect. Coupons will be counted according to the amount of distribution and the amount of recycling (in the case of no recycling, they will be manually asked) to achieve an evaluation of the effect as much as possible.
In order to make up for the shortcomings of the traditional way, many businesses have begun to seek help from technology and the network. The distribution of various coupons based on the network and mobile phones, electronic coupons, group coupons, etc., is more conducive to business data tracking and performance evaluation.
The combination of technology will have a lot of imagination. There are still many places that can be tapped in this area. The offline entity business has long relied on traditional marketing methods, if it is related to the network and high.

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