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How To Prevent Metal From Eroding Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet?

China Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet

How to prevent metal from eroding China Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet? There are many common methods. It is a very effective method to plate one or more layers of metal that is not easily rusted to isolate the air from the steel surface. Among the various metals plated, the price of galvanized steel sheets is not too high, and the steel sheet with the best rust prevention ability.

Why is the zinc coating very good against rust? First, China Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheet manufacturer introduces the zine itself. Zinc is a blue-white metal with a density of 7.14 g/cm3, a relative atomic mass of 65.37, an atomic number of 30, and a melting point of 19.58 T. It becomes a vapor when it is redundant, and the hardness of zinc is 490 MPa. It is very brittle at normal temperature, but it has good ductility at 100~150. Zinc forms a very thin oxide film in the air, or a very thin basic zinc carbonate film, which prevents the zinc layer from being further oxidized.

Zinc is a very active amphoteric metal – soluble in both acid and alkali.

Since zinc is an amphoteric metal (that is, it is afraid of acid and alkali), how does it protect steel from rust? How can it prevent itself from being tempted? The original rust prevention lies in steel and zinc coating. A micro battery is formed between them.

First, the zinc coating is plated on the surface of the steel. At this time, the liquid (sulfurous acid or carbonic acid, etc.) formed by the aggressive gas in the atmosphere is only in contact with the zinc and electrochemically reacts with the zinc.

When there are pores or defects in the zinc coating, the acidic aqueous solution in the atmosphere enters the steel and zinc layer along the pores or defects. At this time, the zinc-iron-acid solution formed a complete micro battery.

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