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on the wedding cake table already covered with petals

Flowers and light design
In every kind of ceremony lighting plays an important role in the embellishment of spaces, and when combined with floral compositions sexy white cocktail dress, the combination can be truly unique. Candles, LEDs of varying intensity depending on the stage of the banquet, cascades of lights interspersed with branches and flowers and curtains with transparent light cables: a balanced combination of lights and flowers will make each location a magical place.
Even the graceful lanterns will help to give charm to the place where the wedding will be held, especially if placed at the entrance, next to the banquet tables and on the wedding cake table already covered with petals in soft tones, perhaps in pendant with a delicate bouquet of peonies.
Rely on the skill of experts in lighting and flowers, the strong skills of a professional will ensure that the environment is sophisticated and cared for in every detail.

For several years now, the corners are the trend element in the preparation of each reception, can be dedicated to the tasting of some special dishes, wines and liqueurs, and an assortment of cigars.
If you like the idea of a corner mojito, spritz or maybe for the tasting of a great sushi or why not, a street gelateria, ask in advance the management of the location to check their possible availability in structuring the banquet with corners to theme.
Photo booth
A must have in every wedding, the photo booth is a corner of entertainment set up with masks, accessories, frames and objects typical of the theme you want to adopt. You can recreate a little London with British details, a vintage corner, or a small movie set. A touch of trend for the preparation of outdoor spaces. Why not do it?

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