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Maintenance method for Tractor Mounted Variety Vegetable seed Grain Planting Machine?

After the tractor is installed, the Tractor Mounted Variety Vegetable seed Grain Planting Machine is used to extend the life of the planter. How to maintain the planter when not in use? What are the methods?

  1. The soil of all parts of the planter must be cleaned. Remove the seeds and fertilizer from the seed box. In particular, the fertilizer tank should be washed with water and dried, and then coated with anti-corrosion paint.
  2. Check the planter for damaged and worn parts, replace or repair if necessary, and repaint if there is paint stripping.
  3. After the new planter is used, if the disc type opener is used, the opener should be removed, and the outer cone, the disk hub, and the linoleum should be washed with diesel or gasoline, coated with butter and then installed. If there is any deformation, it should be leveled. If the gap of the disc gathering point is too large, it can be adjusted by reducing the adjusting gasket between the inner and outer cones.
  4. After cleaning the soil working parts, apply butter or waste oil to avoid rust.
  5. After long-term storage of the planter, maintenance and overhaul should be carried out before the start of planting in the next season, so that the machine is in the perfect technical state.

Correct maintenance of the planter plays an extremely important role in extending the life of the planter and speeding up the planting. After using the planter, the farmer must not follow the unscientific method of maintenance, otherwise, the consequences will be serious!



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