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Fast Working Grinding Wheel Grinding Problem

fast working grinding wheel

There are two problems in the fast working grinding wheel grinding:

  1. The fast working grinding wheel quality: Mainly the grinding wheel must have good self-sufficiency and shape retention, and the two are often contradictory.
  2. Grinding wheel dressing technology: that is, efficient and economical to obtain the required wheel profile and sharpness. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency and precision of grinding, especially for the efficient finishing of difficult-to-machine materials, CBN grinding wheels are used for efficient and powerful grinding, which makes the powerful grinding break the limitation of traditional grinding, and the productivity is doubled. It does not need to be roughed and can be directly ground into finished products, which not only improves the processing efficiency but also improves the processing quality. Such as SG abrasives.

In the grinding process, the correct choice of the fast working grinding wheel plays a decisive role in the efficiency of the machining.


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