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What is the importance of green cutting disc?

Due to its unique advantages and cutting characteristics, the green cutting disc is now widely used in the market and have a wide cutting market. Users who have used such cutting discs know that each type of cutting piece has its own different cutting characteristics and is used as cutting of different materials. What is the importance of using the green cutting disc? Here, the Aurora Abrasives manufacturer explains the importance of cutting sheets of different materials.

  1. The stability of the mesh technical index. The initial application of the mesh in the resin grinding wheel, the important role is to improve the strength of the grinding wheel. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the cutting piece, the role of the mesh in the resin grinding wheel is very important.
  2. Powder phenolic resin. For powder phenolic resin, fluctuations in flow length, particle size, urotropine content and gelation time will affect the quality of the cut sheet. The process of the powder resin affects the bond structure. The important performance index, particle size affects the amount of humectant, the content of volatiles is also very important. In the actual grinding process, the performance of each batch of powder resin must be stable, so as to ensure the quality of the grinding wheel.
  3. Liquid phenolic resin. Liquid phenolic resin has different degrees of influence on the fluctuation range of solid content, viscosity, gel time and water solubility. Therefore, the manufacturer of the cutting chip must combine its own product performance requirements according to its own product mix. Material, molding and hardening process characteristics, to develop a suitable liquid resin technical indicators and scope.



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