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Toshiba PA3535U-1BRS Battery

Close to 400 customers at Amazon left a review for these headphones, resulting in a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. These wouldn’t perform that well for music, but if you primarily want to use them to make calls or listen to podcasts, they’d be great.The Topgreener 36W Quick Charge 2.0 USB power outlet is down to $23.51 thanks to a 20% off on-page coupon. We saw this exact same deal over Black Friday, but it was a brand new discount then. It’s still a great price, and it’s not alone.The two USB ports provide fast charging for any QC 2.0 device and regular charging for non-compatible devices like the iPhone. It still gives the best possible charge no matter what is plugged in since it can detect the device and react accordingly. The outlet also comes with three snap-on face covers to blend in to your home’s decor.

Topgreener has a ton of items with 20% off coupon codes going on right now. You should be able to see the coupon box on each product page. Pick the one you want or need the most, and know that you’re getting one of the best prices ever for all of these:The Curve BT 120 NC are the newest Phiaton headphones. Phiaton has plenty of experience with headphones, including several different designs like the on-ear BT 330 NC and the around-the-neck BT 100 NC.The new pair are wireless and similar in shape to other headphones we’ve seen like the Aukey Latitude, although Phiaton promises a lot more features built into the Curve BT 120.One of those features is active noise-canceling. You’ll be able to silence ambient noise by up to 95%. They are also IPX4 rated for resistance to splashes and sweat so you can use them while you are working out. The Memory Flex neckband will keep the earbuds from slipping off while you’re working out.

The sound comes from powerful 12mm dynamic drivers, and Bluetooth 4.2 technology promises improvements to wireless sound quality.The battery life will last for up to 8.5 hours, and the headphones only need two hours to recharge. If you’re in a hurry, these headphones also have Phiaton’s Fast Charge technology. That gives them a full hour of play from just a five minute charge.The headphones feature inline controls for your music or for receiving phone calls. You can also connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and switch between them. They come with several sizes of ear tips and wings to ensure you get the most comfortable fit possible.Today only, Amazon has the Mpowerd Luci Pro Lux on sale for $23.50 right now. Today marks its first and steepest price drop ever on Amazon. Normally it costs $35, but we’d like to argue that this thing is worth its weight in gold.

This versatile, durable gadget can charge via the sun’s rays or through the two-way USB port. It lasts up to 50 hours on a single charge, too. It features 10 warm white LEDs and four light modes, including low, medium, high, and flashing. The USB port will also work to charge your phone, making this thing even more handy. Additionally, it has an IP67 waterproof rating, meaning the Luci Pro Lux can be used for emergency situations as well as for camping, hiking, fishing, and whatever else you like to do outside.The real benefit here, in my opinion, is the option to use solar power. If you aren’t near a power source or you forget to plug it in, just leave the thing outside all day and you’ll have it ready to go at night. No hand cranking is required, and the massive battery life means even if you forget to charge it up over the course of a day, you should still have some light to guide you when it gets dark out.Note that the Pro model with USB only has a few reviews since it’s a newer product. However, the original Mpowerd Luci, which doesn’t have a USB port, has stellar customer reviews.

The Xbox One’s reliance on AA batteries can be costly, with no shortage of charging accessories on the market. Only a small investment can save big in the long term, with the added convenience that comes with rechargeable solutions. They’re a centerpiece of many third-party product lines and an essential accessory for any regular gamer.PowerA’s $15 Play & Charge Kit is among today’s best positioned Xbox One charging accessories. This budget kit provides power for two controllers, delivering value unmatched by third-party alternatives.The only thing worse than a dead controller… is two dead controllers. Luckily, the AmazonBasics Dual Charging Station for Xbox One is on sale today for $20.99 to ensure you’ll never have to witness such a travesty again. Today’s deal is one of the best yet for this item too, as it’s only ever fallen as low as $17 which was during Amazon Prime Day earlier this year; when not on sale, it can be found for $25.

This charging station is officially licensed by Microsoft to simultaneously charge two Xbox Wireless Controllers at once. It’s compatible with Xbox One S, Xbox One Elite, and standard Xbox One controllers, and takes about two and a half hours to charge one up fully. An LED indicator light was added so you’ll be able to know whether it’s still in the process of charging or not.AmazonBasics backs up this charger with a limited one-year warranty. There are over 500 reviews for it on Amazon which have resulted in a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars in total.Amazon has a couple of wireless chargers on sale today with up to 30% off the usual prices, making it super easy to keep your phone topped up.

If you bought a brand new smartphone in the last few years, chances are it has Qi wireless charging tech built in. While your phone may have come with a standard plug and cable, it’s much more convenient to have a wireless charging stand or pad on your nightstand or desk rather than having to fumble around with wires to power up your phone.In this sale, Samsung’s Qi-certifed wireless charging stand is down to under $30 for the first time. We’ve never seen its price drop this low before having only once been available for under $40 and regularly selling for nearer $50. It supports Fast Charging on compatible phones and can charge at a regular speed on any phone with Qi built-in — not just Samsung handsets.iOttie’s newest wireless charging pad is also down in price for today. Available in a few colors and with a soft material finish, the iON Wireless Mini is $10 off and supports 7.5W charging for iPhone models and up to 10W for Android handsets while seamlessly blending in with any home decor.

Today only, Amazon has the Sabrent 60W 10-port desktop USB charging station on sale for $16.99, which is $13 less than it normally sells for. This item doesn’t fluctuate in price, and hasn’t had a price drop near this in about a year, so if you’re in the market for something to charge multiple devices at the same time with ease, you won’t want to miss this deal. It offers a max output of 60 watt and 12A, which is about 2.4 Amps per port. This won’t quick charge your devices, but it also won’t trickle power to them.

You add your own USB cables to this hub, meaning you’ll be able to charge nearly anything with it from tablets to smartphones, action cameras, e-readers, Bluetooth headphones, and more. It has built-in overcharge protection to prevent damaging your devices. This price is good for today only, so don’t miss out.Soltero will leave the company by the end of the year, according to ZDNet, and return to entrepreneurial work. He joined Microsoft in 2014 when the company bought email startup Acompli, which he co-founded. Soltero led Outlook and Outlook Mobile, and was later head of strategy for Office. He began running Cortana in March. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is Huawei’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It’s a 6.39-inch phone packed with top tech, including three rear cameras and an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Plus, it’ll wirelessly charge other phones. You read that right. The Mate 20 Pro is joined by the standard Mate 20, which looks similar but lacks some of the Pro’s exciting new tricks, such as the new fingerprint scanner and two-way charging. Pricing and availability hasn’t been announced at the time of writing, but we expect to hear more in the coming days.Some automakers might establish their own EV charging networks, but most would rather invest in the right companies than attempt to dip their toes into infrastructure development. Volvo’s latest investment goes along those lines, but the infrastructure in question is on wheels.Volvo Cars announced on Wednesday that it has purchased a stake in FreeWire, a startup dedicated to mobile EV charging solutions. Volvo was quick to note that it “does not envision direct ownership of charging or service stations,” it’s just an investment that gives extra resources to a company that Volvo believes in.

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