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Sony PCGA-BP2T Battery

RAVPower’s Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad drops to just $9.99 at Amazon when you enter promo code RAVPCC14 during checkout. This deal saves you $5 off its current price.You can also grab an updated, sleeker version of this charger for $10.99 with code RAVPC083.With a wireless charging pad, you can eliminate those nights you go to bed forgetting to plug in your phone. Every night will be like that after all, as you’ll be able to just drop your phone on this charger to ensure it has a full battery in the morning. It features protection against overcurrents, overheating, and over-voltage.There’s also an LED light which changes from blue to green to indicate whether your device is on standby or charging. No wall adapter is included with the charger however, so you may want to pick up an extra if you don’t have one lying around already.

This device can fast charge Quick Charge devices up to 10W while non-Quick Charge devices power up at a standard 5W. RavPower also includes an 18-month warranty with this product. Over 1,150 customers at Amazon reviewed it resulting in an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.As part of its daily deals, Amazon has dropped the price of a number of RAVPower charging accessories including wireless chargers, power banks and multi-port wall adapters.Whether you want to ensure your phone is charged for business critical communications or just to play Pokémon GO for a bit longer, these deals are for you. These are some of the best prices we’ve seen for these items, so make sure you pick up what you need before the promotion ends tonight.

Today only, Amazon is offering 30% off select iOttie Easy One Touch car mounts.The promotion includes iOttie’s popular Qi wireless charging option. It’s down to $32.90 right now — its lowest price ever. It regularly sells for nearer $50. That mount, and the rest of the ones on sale, is adjustable allowing it to fit most smartphone and case combinations. It can even pivot up to 225 degrees so you can find the best viewing angle.If you don’t need or want the wireless charging option, there’s a version of the mount that doesn’t have that feature that is only $17.40 today.There are also two smaller options that you could mount via your air vent or CD player for $17.40 and $13.90, respectively. These deals are all set to last today only though, so make sure to grab ‚em while you can.

Amazon has dropped the price of a number of Anker chargers and accessories including Lightning and USB-C cables, Qi-enabled phone mounts, and even Alexa-enabled multi-port car chargers. Prices start from under $10 and these are the lowest we’ve seen some of these items go for before, so be sure to check out the promotion and make the most of the limited-time offers before they disappear tonight.Anker is well-known for its high quality mobile accessories, and over the years they’ve become some of our favorites. Many of these accessories are already extremely affordable without the discounts, but with the price drops they become even smarter buys. Some of the best deals include:Be sure to check out the whole promotion and make the most of these limited-time prices. Anker backs most of its products with an 18-month warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your purchase is backed by the company in the event that something should happen to it from your daily usage. Grab one (or a few) of these today.

As part of its daily deals, Amazon has dropped the price of a number of Anker charging accessories including wireless chargers, car chargers and multi-port wall adapters. These are some of the best prices we’ve seen for these items, so be sure to pick up what you need before the promotion ends tonight.The Tenergy Otis self-charging HEPA filter robot vacuum cleaner is down to $119.99 on Amazon. This robot vacuum normally sells for around $160 and hasn’t seen any real discounts before. The deal is part of Amazon’s daily deals, so it won’t last forever.The Otis has strong suction and works on carpet, tile, wood, and more. The two sweeping arms help collect dust and hair toward the center. It has four unique cleaning modes for extra, and more specific, cleaning power, which combined with Turbo mode leads to eight different configurations. It comes with a remote controller that lets you create and set routines and schedules. The battery will last up to 90 minutes and comes with an on-floor charging base, which the Otis will return to when the battery is low. The HEPA air filters will trap more dust and allergens, and the built-in sensors help the robot vacuum from getting stuck or falling down.

Xbox One controllers are powered by AA batteries, but if swapping out alkaline cells isn’t your thing, some awesome rechargeable battery options exist. There is a wide array of charging solutions available on the market for Xbox One controllers, ranging from cheap and cheerful to premium. Here are some of the best we’ve tested. Controller Gear makes a range of controller stands to match Microsoft’s various controller designs, and they come with a large battery and a fast-charging mains connector to boot. Whether you’re using a standard black controller or something more unique, like the Recon Tech controller, Controller Gear should have you covered. The stands start at $40, and they have some serious quality. $40 at Amazon

Amazon’s Basics range fill in the gaps left by other suppliers, and this dual-charging station is no exception. Complete with decent rechargeable battery doors for standard Xbox controllers, this dual stand can recharge two controllers simultaneously while you wait. $25 at Amazon The official Xbox play and charge kit is still one of the best options, with batteries that are built to last in long gaming sessions. While there’s no dock and you’ll have to charge using a USB cable, the official Microsoft rechargeable just tend to be better than competing single-cell offerings. $25 at Microsoft

While it’s a little cumbersome dealing with single AA cells and a bulky recharge station, the Panasonic Eneloop batteries simply offer the most amount of juice on a single charge, while also recharging the fastest. I tend to keep two AA cells in the dock to quickly swap out when my controller runs out of power. The advanced Eneloop cells last an obscenely long time for a regular AA battery, and don’t degrade nearly as quickly. $28 at Amazon Smatree is relatively new to the Xbox accessory market, and their recent rechargeable battery pack is garnering some attention on Amazon. The beefy 2000 mAh battery packs can be recharged in tandem using a USB-powered docking cradle, ensuring you always have one cell ready for continuous play. They’re pretty cheap too at $25. $23 at Amazon

Right now I would personally recommend Panasonic’s Eneloop dock for simplicity’s sake. The power pack can be plugged directly into the wall, and the handy LED indicators will let you know when each individual cell is ready to use. They retain their charge pretty well too, even after several months I’m still using the same four cells on a recharge rotation, with is certainly not something I can claim for other batteries I’ve used in the past. You can also just buy some new separate Eneloop batteries if any of them die, too, without buying a whole new dock.For style, the Controller Gear range is great, particularly if you have a custom Xbox One controller that demands some extra flair, such as this sexy Gears of War edition.

Amazon has the Legrand desktop mounted USB charging station on sale for $23.99, which is the lowest it’s ever sold for. This powerful charging accessory normally sells for around $30, and has even sold for as much as $37 recently. It has two fast-charging 3.1A USB ports, and two AC ports, allowing it to easily charge up to four devices at the same time. The design allows it to be seamlessly mounted to the back of just about any desk, and once installed it looks stunning.It’s time to stop fumbling around and trying to reach behind your desk when you need to charge something, and install one of these. It comes with a six-foot power cord and the required screws to secure it to your desk. Every desk should have one of these, so if you don’t already have one you should stop what you’re doing, and buy one of these right now.

Amazon has the iClever Bluetooth Wireless Headphones on sale today in your choice of black or brown when you enter promo code XSYB4T6O during checkout. That’ll save you $10 off their regular cost and snag you these headphones at one of their best prices ever.These wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 and come with three pairs of ear-tips so you can find the right fit. They last for up to eight hours on a single charge which is pretty stellar, plus they feature a water-proof nano-coating so you won’t have to worry about weather affecting them. That means they’re equipped for use while exercising too. There’s an in-line remote where you can control your music, the volume, and even take calls thanks to its built-in microphone.

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