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High Quality Grinding disc – Storage Precautions

What is the grinding sheet with high quality grinding disc factory price that people in the relevant industry know. Nowadays, with the continuous development and progress of economic technology, it also drives our industrial production level and progress. In the process of industrial production and production, sometimes it is necessary to carry out certain tools to polish and manufacture. The use of abrasive tools is very necessary, so what should be paid attention to during the process of their storage? Here, Henan abrasives suppliers are talking about the storage notes of the grinding disc.

Grinding disc with high quality grinding disc factory price should be stored flat, try not to tilt, and do not let it be deformed by pressure. When the grinding disc is stored, use the moisture-proof wooden pallet to check out, avoid direct touch on the ground, and the ground should be 10-15 cm. The maximum height cannot exceed 1 m. During the process of transporting the grinding disc, the grinding disc should not be subjected to strong vibration and impact to avoid cracks, breakage and variable notch, thus leaving hidden dangers for use.

The above is an introduction to the precautions in the storage process of the grinding disc with high quality grinding disc factory price. For the storage process, we need to grasp certain details, which can help to effectively extend the life of its use, if you need to know more More information or any questions you can contact us, our contact information is +86 15617985439, welcome to inquire, we will be happy to help you.

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