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Analysis of crusher equipment wearing parts wear

Crusher equipment Mica Stone Crushing Machine parts wear too many mine production line user headache problems, such as the extension of the service life of wearing parts, not only can reduce the production cost, but also reduce the replacement of wearing parts of manpower and material resources. In solving the problem, first to find the essence of the problem, therefore, must first analyse the causes of crusher wearing parts excessive wear reason.

We as manufacturers of Mobile Crusher Machine For Sale machinery and equipment design of mine, crushing machine parts wear, frequent replacement problem, the multi analysis and investigation, finally get the following conclusions: 1 stone is hard and more difficult to break, the equipment wear is more serious, breaking speed slow, crushing capacity weakened accordingly. There is a direct relationship between the hardness and the stone crusher parts service life, in the choice of the crusher according to the stone material, the export size, matching crusher, appropriate avoid put fine timber to petty use, more cannot small material use. Have enough confidence to this We service personnel, according to the stone material, production line users by the broken region environment, user requirements and other factors, choose the most suitable crusher equipment.

Two moisture content is too high, the material easy to adhesion in the crushing process, easy blockage when feeding, resulting in crushing capacity decrease. And the humidity is high, the greater the viscosity, crushing capacity is small. So it is necessary for the needs of crushing machine equipped with drying machine, to avoid damage to the crusher. The content of fine powder is 3 broken materials in higher, more impact crushing capacity. A fine powder is easy to adhere in the broken parts and the discharge port in crushing effect, breaking efficiency and material handling. In addition, containing impurities more stone, will also affect the crushing capacity. So for the fine powder content of the material should advance into the vibration sieve.

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