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4 1/2 super thin cutting disc to enhance the luminosity step?

With the continuous development of the cutting sheet industry, cutting sheets have become an indispensable cutting device in many industries. Some users who have used cutting sheets know that after using for a period of time, it is necessary to increase the brightness of the cutting sheets to increase the use of the cutting sheets. Lifespan, then how to improve the luminosity of the cutting piece, today take the 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc as an example to tell you about the steps to improve the luminosity:

  1. Choose a good polishing material;

2, the speed of polishing is faster;

3, using high-speed grinding and polishing power tools;

4, polishing and polishing should pay attention to the control of the amount of water, the lack of water is easy to cause the surface to burn;

  1. When grinding and polishing, stretch along the direction of the line of the cutting piece as long as possible, the longer the better, so as to avoid the generation of ripples;
  2. When polishing and polishing, each abrasive or abrasive sheet should be carefully inspected and polished to see the polished surface of the polished surface. After the grinding, the latter should cover up the traces produced by the previous abrasive.

After the polished sand is polished, the wave of the cutting piece will be reduced, the brightness will be increased, and the use efficiency of the cutting piece can be improved to some extent.



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