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Check items before installation of super thin 115mm cutting disc?

Nowadays, the use of cutting sheets is more and more extensive, and in many types of cutting sheets, super thin 115mm cutting disc are used more and more, and many users will prefer to use this type of cutting sheets. In order to ensure the safety of the super thin 115mm cutting disc, careful inspection will be carried out before installation, and the main inspection contents are as follows:

  1. Before turning on the power, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements and the switch is placed in the disconnected position. Also check the cable and the plug must not be damaged.

Second, check the outer casing of the machine, the outer casing must not be damaged, and check the cutting piece, the cutting piece used should be intact. A commonly used inspection method for this is to observe the cutting piece without a gap or crack by eye.

Third, check the cutting blade protective cover should be intact and firm.

  1. Power on and run for 1 minute, check whether the rotating parts of the tool are flexible and unobstructed.

I will sort out the inspection items before the installation of the ultra-thin cutting piece, I hope I can help you.


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