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How to clean the T41 4 inches cutting disc size?

The T41 4 inches cutting disc size is used for a period of time in order to maintain its sharpness and productivity. Users will clean it. Although cleaning the cutting disc sounds simple, it is not so simple. It also needs some cleaning. Skills. So what are the cleaning methods for the T41 4 inchs cutting disc?

It is important to note that the diamond grinding wheel is used to polish the belt during the production process. Generally, the grinding wheel should be unloaded for 5-7 days. (The above-mentioned rubber crumbs are polished and adhered to the surface of the corundum after high temperature friction, which is difficult to clean)

Now we soak it in acetone for 2 hours, then clean it with an imported cleaning agent. The effect is very good, but it is not environmentally friendly and does not save energy.

Cleaning requirements:

1, to be environmentally friendly, does not contain ketones, can not be halogenated hydrocarbons.


2, can not damage the diamond wheel.


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