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powder pink emanates pure poetry in a princely dress

For a starring role in fairy tales, there are many shades to choose from for a dress that is not limited to the whiteness of white. A very delicate powder pink emanates pure poetry in a princely dress and with sumptuous volumes, in an alternation of light organs and impalpable chiffon veils.
And why not use color in just a few small details? Contrasts, as long as they are thin and light, will be super appreciated in the romantic style of your wedding: have fun entering details like embroidery or applications in your dress.
Royal elegance with a tiara

There is no princess without her diadem! Just look at the images of the most magnificent royal marriages to realize that the crown myth has never been so contemporary: from the iconic Lady Diana to the more contemporary Meghan Markle, the diadem is the necessary ingredient that you will not have to miss. Yes, but which one to choose? Your chaplet, as well as any other accessory, will have to blend harmoniously with your outfit, but above all with your hairstyle. Refined curls that go down the shoulders in a semi-gathered wedding hairstyle will reveal all their splendor if enriched by a diadem of rhinestones and diamonds.
Roses for a romantic passion
There is no proposal for a more romantic marriage except that accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of roses! And it is from this image that many wedding fashion designers including Anna Molinari, head of the Blumarine line orange bridesmaid dresses, were inspired by the creation of their new collections.

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