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How to cut ultra-thin 115mm cutting blades?

Users who have used super thin 115mm cutting disc know that different cutting sheets have different cutting methods. What is the cutting method for super thin 115mm cutting disc? What cutting methods are there? Today, the Aurora Abrasives will come to you.

1.Oxygen gas flame gas cutting

The gas cutting of the cutting piece is a method of using a thermal energy of a gas flame to preheat the cutting portion of the workpiece to a certain temperature, and ejecting a high-speed cutting oxygen flow to burn the metal and release heat to realize thermal cutting. When the oxygen gas flame cuts stainless steel, the main difficulty is that the surface of the slit forms a high melting point of chromium oxide, which prevents the metal from burning and causes difficulty in continuous cutting. In order to smoothly cut stainless steel, in addition to having a sufficiently pure, pressure-bearing oxygen and a good cutting wind, oxygen flux gas cutting and vibrating gas cutting can be used.

  1. Carbon arc gouging

It is a method of processing a groove by using a graphite rod or a carbon rod as an electrode, generating an arc between the workpiece, melting the metal, and blowing the molten metal with compressed air.


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