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the number of wedding place cards needed to buy and pack

After returning home on Monday, in a phone call they said at the same time “well, maybe we should get married … we are so good together”. When asked “what ring would you like?” Margherita replied “spotted ring! I want mountain climbing equipment “.
Soon, in fact, she got a beautiful technical trekking jacket for engagement, and then also the ring with a lot of classic demand at the table of a small and romantic restaurant in the center of Verona. A chiseled and hand-engraved ring, with the dedication “you are my sun” inside.

And do not forget to give them at the end of dinner! Your guests will be pleasantly surprised and will take home a beautiful memory of your first Christmas as a married couple.
One thing is certain, creativity is not lacking, so do not miss the chance to show your creativity even in the decorations of your home Gillne, obviously in Christmas style, to amaze a second time friends and relatives.
7. Set up a list and check

Lists are useful for ordering and avoiding missing details. In this case you can use a simple spreadsheet in which to show on the lines the list of the various guests and four columns in which to mark if the invitation was sent, received and if the presence was confirmed or canceled. A simple but effective method to constantly monitor the guest list.
The method of check is a caution that will be useful in another phase of the preparations or when you must compose the tableau de mariage that is nothing but the accommodation of the guests at the tables. So based on who confirmed the presence, you can assume not only the composition of the groups but also the number of wedding place cards needed to buy and pack.

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