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Is the super thin 115mm cutting disc protected during use?

When using the super thin 115mm cutting disc, the user must use the cutting piece for better and safer use. When using it, the cutting piece must be protected. How can the protection of the cutting piece be done?

The cutting blade grinding process is a cutting process in which the abrasive grains on the surface of the abrasive tool are applied to the surface metal of the workpiece. The quality of the grinding process depends to a large extent on the cutting performance of the grinding tool. There are many types of abrasive tools. The cutting blades are not only different in shape and size, but also have different abrasives, grain sizes, binders, hardness and structure. Therefore, different abrasive tools have different characteristics, and the abrasive tools of different characteristics are adapted to different processing ranges. To achieve the desired grinding results, different abrasive tools must be selected for different grinding situations.

The safety protection of the grinding machine is mainly the wheel cover. Once the grinding wheel is broken, the wheel cover should have sufficient strength and reasonable structure to prevent the particles from flying, resulting in personal and equipment accidents.

The wheel cover is usually welded with A3 steel plate and can also be made of cast copper. The protective cover of the smaller grinding wheel is also made of aluminum alloy. Cast iron is not suitable for use as a protective cover due to its low strength. The thickness of the cover wall should be reasonable, the thickness is too thin, the strength is not enough, and it is not safe when working; when it is too thick, it is cumbersome and wastes material.



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