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What is the solution to common problems when using green cutting disc?

Green cutting disc always have some problems when they are used, and these problems always make people feel confused. In order to avoid this situation, we must understand the problems and solutions that will occur before use. Now, the common problems are as follows:

First, there is a strange sound when sawing:

(1) Shutdown cleaning, check whether the number of cutting teeth is applicable;

(2) re-grinding the cutting piece;

(3) Check the workpiece clamping device.

Second, the saw blade is broken or broken:

(1) adjusting the standard speed of the material to be cut;

(2) Adjust the feed rate of the lower knife not too fast;

(3) Re-grinding the cutting piece or note that the cutting method is required to make a special fixture to avoid material shaking;

(4) Different materials need to be cut to different materials, and the number of teeth should be different.

Third, the sawing workpiece is not vertical and the length is inconsistent:

(1) Select good materials and standard materials, and always check the condition of the rack and the positioning ruler to correct the level of the machine;

(2) Select the correct cutting speed according to different materials, and select the number of teeth according to the wall thickness of the material;

(3) Because the cutting piece has a hammer, it is erected to avoid gravity pressure.






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