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Precautions when using diamond low price grinding disc

  1. Diamond low price grinding disc is a valuable tool, only used to process high hardness materials, not suitable for grinding general steel or other soft materials.
  2. After the diamond disc is mounted on the flange, it must be statically balanced before use. It should be noted that do not remove the flange from the disc until it has run out.
  3. For machine tools using diamond grinding discs, the rigidity is better, the spindle selection accuracy is higher (radial runout is not more than 0.01 mm), and it can be used for micro cross feed. The appropriate amount of grinding must be chosen.
  4. The coolant should be used as much as possible during grinding, which not only improves the grinding efficiency and grinding quality, but also the wear of the grinding disc. Commonly used coolants are kerosene, light diesel oil, light oil lamps, and kerosene is generally preferred.
  5. When the new diamond grinding disc is used, in order to obtain the correct shape (outer roundness, flatness of the end face), it needs to be trimmed. The dressing method can be done with a silicon carbide grinding disc or with a silicon carbide abrasive. The metal plate or the glass plate is trimmed by hand grinding (for dressing the end face of the grinding disc). In order to save expensive diamond grinding discs, a natural dressing method can also be used, that is, the new grinding disc is first used for rough grinding, and after being worn to have a security shape, it is used for fine grinding.


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