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The hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher

Our production cone Construction Waste Crusher have three series, respectively is spring cone crusher, composite cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher. This paper mainly introduces the spring cone crusher with the difference between the hydraulic cone crusher. First of all, from the use of cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, power, city construction, refractories and other industries, fine ore, rock.

Spring cone crusher Mobile Crusher Machine Sale is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, road and rail construction, chemical industry and silicate industry, suitable for crushing medium and moderate hardness of various minerals and rocks. Secondly, from the working principle of cone crusher, crushing process of hydraulic cone crusher is completed between the plate lining in the fixed cone and cone lining plate. Motor driven crusher horizontal shaft through the triangle belt and belt wheel, the horizontal axis through the tooth plate is eccentric shaft rotation, eccentric shaft driven spindle, the dynamic cone do rotary movement, the relative motion between the periodic dynamic cone lining plate of eccentric swinging and moving cone lining plate, so that the material into the crushing chamber squeezed, complete crushing.

Spring cone crusher crushing process is completed between the moving cone and cone, rely on two extrusion wall breaking work completed. Motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through a bevel gear, make the broken wall and sometimes near and away from the rolling mortar wall surface fixed, break. The supporting sleeve is connected with the frame body by the spring, when a crusher into the metal block can not be broken objects, the spring is compressed and distorted, remove foreign bodies, prevent the damage of equipment.

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