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The Problem Of Fast Cheap Metal Grinding Disc

The fast cheap metal grinding disc with an outer diameter of more than 300 mm is mainly manifested in the fact that when the grinding disc is cooled after the furnace is cooled, the hand is shaken in the direction of the diameter when shaking, and the bending is obviously soft;

At the same time, when the customer uses the grinding disc to cut, the grinding disc is yawed, the flange holding power is not enough, and the serious will be broken and broken.

The large-section film is also a technical problem that has long plagued resin abrasive manufacturers. The main reason for the analysis is the uneven stress of the grinding disc during the hardening process.

Resin grinding disc manufacturers should pay attention to the impact of environmental climate on grinding disc production, timely formulate countermeasures, rationally select suitable phenolic resin varieties, increase the uniformity of the mixture, and adjust the hardening process in a timely manner to make it more suitable for complete hardening of phenolic resin. Paying attention to the above problems, the film problem will be avoided.


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